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The Best Battery Chargers for Your Car

Our huge selection of battery tools includes car battery testers, battery charging systems, inverters and more. Our battery tools offer solutions for the most common problems when it comes to car batteries. Never get stuck with a dead battery again by having jumper cables, chargers, and testers to keep them maintained and lasting as long as possible. At JB Tool Sales we carry the best name tool brands and offer quality tools for great discount prices. Look through our vast selection and you will find the exact tools you need. All orders usually ship within 24 hours, free shipping for orders over $99 and all other orders ship for $7.99 or less within mainland USA.

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Essential Car Battery Chargers

The most essential part of the car is the battery. If it isn’t working, the car is going nowhere. That’s why it is important for your automotive tool kit to include all things that keep the battery working right. This would include fuses, battery chargers, battery testers and analyzers, portable boosters, and booster cables.

Moreover, in today’s world where having your consumer electronics products beside you in working order at all times, it is essential to include a power inverter in your car. A power inverter converts the car’s DC electrical output to AC so that you can use or charge consumer electronics products like a smartphone, television monitor, iPad or iPod, or laptop computer.

Handle Dead Batteries

Anyone who has driven a car for any length of time has probably experienced a dead battery. If you have been stuck out on the highway or some rural area when this has happened, then you probably had to call triple A or your insurance support department to come out and jump start your car. That would not have been necessary if you had booster cables in the trunk and a nice, kindly person who had a car nearby that could be used to jump-start the car.

Battery Testers and Analyzers

Having a battery tester and analyzer would allow you to check the condition of your car’s battery periodically. If the tester or analyzer discovers that the battery power is low, then you can turn to your battery charger.

When a car battery is working properly it will commonly read in the neighborhood of 12.4 to 12.6 volts. It has enough reserve capacity to power a 25A load for maybe 9 to 15 hours. That would consume enough voltage for the battery power to drop to less than 10.5 volts. At that level of voltage, the battery will probably not have the capacity to start the car.

Other things that can affect the capability of the battery include extreme temperatures and wear of the battery due to normal cycles of charging and discharging. So having a charger at hand can be a lifesaver. We offer the best battery chargers for your car, so you don’t have to think twice about breaking down!

How Do I Use a Battery Charger?

Using a battery charger is fairly simple. In fact, the process can be performed in four easy steps.

  1. Connect the charger to the battery.
  2. Set the volt and amps on the charger.
  3. Plug the charger into an electric outlet, turn it on and let it do its work.
  4. Turn the charger off and disconnect it from the battery.

What are some Battery Charger Manufacturers?

Our battery-related products come from some of the top manufacturers in the business including:

JB Tool Sales has a large inventory of the best battery chargers and other battery-related products. We carry over 1500 battery-related items at a price that will fit your budget. Whatever you need to maintain your battery is here at JB Tool Sales.