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Just because it is cold out doesn’t mean you need to stop working on your vehicle. DIYers and mechanics used to have to suffer with the garage open in the cold weather, or doing work where the car didn’t need to be started up, that is until Crushproof Tubing came to the stage. These vehicle exhaust hoses and adapters come a variety of sizes so that the exhaust emitted by vehicles can safely be siphoned out of the clean air in your garage!

  • Crushproof 1500010 1.5" 10' HD Rubber Vac Hose

  • Crushproof 40-20SF Exhaust Hose 4" x 20' Superflex

  • Crushproof AC30 Splice Connector Aluminum 3" Hose

  • Crushproof AC40 Splice Connector Aluminum 4" Hose

  • Crushproof AC50 5' Splice Connector

  • Crushproof AC50 Splice Connector Aluminum 5" Hose

  • Crushproof ACT400 Exhaust Hose 4" x 11'

  • Crushproof ACT400DYNO Dynamometer Exhaust Hose 4" x 11'

  • Crushproof ACT500 Exhaust Hose 5" x 11'

  • Crushproof ADF30 Aluminum 3" Hose Adapter

  • Crushproof ADF40 Aluminum 4" Hose

  • Crushproof ADSR600 5.5" Exhaust Tail Pipe Adaptor

  • Crushproof AEL30 Overhead 3" Hose

  • Crushproof AF250 2" Tail Pipe Adapter

  • Crushproof AF300 3" Tail Pipe Adapter

  • Crushproof AF350 3 1/2 " Tail Pipe Adapter

  • Crushproof AF400 Tailpipe/Stack Adapter

  • Crushproof AF475 Twin Oval Tail Pipe Adapter

  • Crushproof AF575 5 3/4 Tail Pipe Adaptor

  • Crushproof AFLT250 2-1/2" X 11' Exhaust Hose