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Manufactured by Innova, the Equus brand is an industry leader in automotive testing and diagnostics. Their scan tools and testing tools are known to be the most accurate, and best testing equipment around. Their scan tools, timing lights, code readers and multimeters work on domestic and imports and will never let you down. It is important for diagnostics to always be accurate, and the more vehicles they work on, the better bang for your buck. Check out Equus products today!

  • Equus 05-0005 GM OBD1 Adapter for Automotive Scanner

  • Equus 05-0012 Can OBD2 Cable for Automotive Scanner

  • Equus 3100 CAN/OBDII Diagnostic Car Tool Dom/Imports

  • Equus 3140 Code Scanner Tool CAN/OBDII & I Domestic/Imports

  • Equus 3145 Digital Code Reader OBDI for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

  • Equus 3149 Ford OBDI Extension Cable 6" for Scanner

  • Equus 31603 ABS/SRS OBDII Scan Tool

  • Equus 3165 Chrysleer OBDI Code Reading System

  • Equus 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter (10 MegOhm)/UL, 18 Function

  • Equus 3396 DMM Test Probe Accessory Kit 

  • Equus 3410 Innova Test Light / Circuit Tester

  • Equus 3420 Smart Test Light/Circuit Tester, Colored LEDs

  • Equus 3430 Digital Test Light, for Circuits - Red/Green LEDs

  • Equus 3551 Inductive Timing Light w/Metal Clamp

  • Equus 3555 Advance Timing Light Analog Dial, Metal Pickup

  • Equus 3568 Digital Timing Light

  • Equus 3595 Replacement Timing Light Pickup

  • Equus 3619 Compression Tester Extension

  • Equus 3630 Remote Starter Switch, 6' HD Leads

  • Equus 3640 Fuel Injection Pressure Tester 0-100 PSI