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The makers of buffing balls and the best metal polish in the world, Flitz have a very sharp product line that will help you shine anything from your wheels to a steel appliance. Their buffing balls, which are attachable to most drills, produce amazing polish results. Check out their unique line of polish and buffing balls today.

  • FJC ATF30506 Fabric Armour Stain Protector

  • Flitz AL01706 Aluminum and Metal Preclean Extra Strength

  • Flitz AL01710 Aluminum Preclean Industrial Duty 35 lb

  • Flitz ATF 30506 Fabric Armour For Auto/Truck, 16 oz Spray Bottle

  • Flitz BBQ 41504 BBQ Grill Care Kit

  • Flitz BC01806 Brass/Copper Tarnish Remover 13 lb

  • Flitz BP03511 Polish 1.76 oz tube

  • Flitz BU03515 Polish 5.29 oz tube

  • Flitz CA03518-6 Polish 2 lb Qaurt Can

  • Flitz CA03588 Polish-Paste 4 pc

  • Flitz CR01606 Calcium Rust/Lime Remover13 lb

  • Flitz CY41503 Cycle 2 Go Care Kit

  • Flitz FM 11506 Flat/Matte Finish Cleaner /16 oz Spray Bottle

  • Flitz GB 04985 Gun Bore Cleaner/ 7.6 oz Bottle

  • Flitz GRX22806 Granite Waxx Plus 13 lb

  • Flitz GW02785 Rifle/Gun Waxx 5 lb

  • Flitz HR31501 Headlight Restoration Kit

  • Flitz JC91501 Jewelry Care Kit

  • Flitz KG41501 Gun & Knife Clearning Kit

  • Flitz LQ04535 Polish-Liquid 4 lb