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A top manufacturer for reciprocating saw blades, hole saws, cutting tools and more, Lenox tools is a trusted brand by professionals. The blades and saws produced by this company will not dull or break simply like many other ones will. Just because you get a good deal on a pack of blades, does not mean they should be cheap. What makes Lenox so special is how they make the blades for such a good end user price, yet when you’re using the products you will think your cutting with diamond! Under this brands umbrella, there isn't a size blade, hole saw, arbor, or accessory that you won't be able to find.

  • Lenox 1073415rkg 15 Piece General Purpose Reciprocating Saw Blade Kit With Case

  • Lenox 10771 Locking Tradesman Knife & Utility Tool

  • Lenox 10833 Recip 800RDG 8x3/4x040xDG

  • Lenox 12131 88-300 Hacksaw Frame

  • Lenox 12132 HT50 Hacksaw Frame

  • Lenox 14829TSB Tubing Cutter Replace wheels

  • Lenox 1779669 5L Hole Saw Arbor

  • Lenox 1779670 6L Hole Saw Arbor

  • Lenox 1779771 Arbor Pilot Ext 4321 Pilot Drill

  • Lenox 1779772 2L Hole Saw Arbor

  • Lenox 1779774 Arbor Pilot Ext 1L Arbor Boxed

  • Lenox 1779801 2L T2 Hole Saw Arbor

  • Lenox 1779804 5L Arbor Pilot - Extension

  • Lenox 1779805 Arbor Pilot Ext 6L Arbor Boxed

  • Lenox 1779810 Arbor Pilot Ext 56 Pilot Drill

  • Lenox 1805722 Compact Hacksaw Frame

  • Lenox 1815139 8 Pc Speed Slot Hole Saw Kit

  • Lenox 1815140 7 pc Mini Hole Saw Kit

  • Lenox 1815195 7 pc Speed Slot Hole Saw Kit