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Midtronics is a top tier manufacturer of digital battery testers and automotive diagnostic equipment. From conductance testers to battery analyzers and everything in between, Midtronics distributes it, and does so with the utmost quality. It is easy to find accessories for these advanced tools as well. Printers, cables and rollers that is just right for your unit can be found with ease. We all know how important it is to get accurate test readings when dealing with the electrical and battery systems of these new age vehicles, so make sure you’re using the best testing equipment. Browse Midtronics products today.

  • Midtronics 1000HDAMPKIT Heavy Duty Digital Battery & Electrical Analyzer

  • Midtronics A018-N Amp-Clamp, for DSS-7000, EXP-1000/HD and GR8-1200

  • Midtronics A044 Soft Vinyl Case - for Micro Series

  • Midtronics A046 Soft Vinyl Case - for PBT Series

  • Midtronics A065 GR1 Printer Cable, Communication Cable from Battery to Printer

  • Midtronics A067GRX Cart with Battery Enclosure for GRX-3000

  • Midtronics A083 Replaceable 10ft leads for XL and EXP-1000 Series

  • Midtronics A084 Replaceable 4 ft Leads

  • Midtronics A087 High Speed IR Printer with Charger

  • Midtronics A087 Printer
    Midtronics A087 Printer $412.49 $304.99

  • Midtronics A095 Roll Paper, 6 Pack

  • Midtronics A224 Roller
    Midtronics A224 Roller $29.99 $23.99

  • Midtronics A250 4' Heavy Duty Clamp

  • Midtronics AMP-100  PDF40 Portable Digital Amp Clamp/Meter

  • Midtronics AMP-100 DIG Amp Clamp/Meter (PDF-40)

  • Midtronics DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Tester/Service System

  • Midtronics EXP-1000 EXP Electrical Diagnostic Tester

  • Midtronics EXP-1000-HD-AMP Digital Battery and Electrical System Analyzer w/Inductive Amp-Clamp for Heavy Duty/Fleets

  • Midtronics EXP-1000AMP EXP-100 PLUS 10' AMP CLAMP

  • Midtronics EXP-1000HD Fleet Model 1000A Battery Tester