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Nutek Green

As people across the world begin to realize the seriousness of greenhouse gases and global warming, some companies are staying ahead of the times by creating products that are more efficient, and yield less damaging emissions into the atmosphere. Nutek Green is credited as being one of these companies. For everything from multi purpose wipes to automotive lubricants and brake cleaners, Nutek has some amazing green cleaners and supplies for use on your car, or around the home!

  • Nutek Green AN30132 Degreaser 1 Gallon

  • Nutek Green AN30139 Green Carpet 1 Gallon

  • Nutek Green AN30191 Har Surface Cleaner 1 Gallon

  • Nutek Green AN30193 Glass Cleaner 1 Gallon

  • Nutek Green AN30539 Green Carpet 5 Gallon

  • Nutek Green AN30593 Glass Cleaner 5 Gallon

  • Nutek Green AN32000 Brake Cleaner

  • Nutek Green BET-0001 Lubfix 8 Oz. Spray

  • Nutek Green BET-0002 BOLT OFF Penetrating Soy Lubricant, Fast Acting 8 Oz. Spray

  • Nutek Green BET-0004 Simply Soy 8 Oz. Spray

  • Nutek Green BET-0006 Simply Soy Pouch

  • Nutek Green BET-0007 GAS OFF Wipes, Removes Grime, Dirt and Gas from Hands and Surfaces, 12 Piece

  • Nutek Green BET-0011 GRIME OFF Wipes, Multi-Purpose Pre-Moistened 10" x 12" Towelettes, 12 Piece

  • Nutek Green BET-0020 Simply Soy Canister

  • Nutek Green BET-0022 Gas Off Canister

  • Nutek Green BET-0024 Grime Off Canister

  • Nutek Green BET-0025 Grime Off Bucket

  • Nutek Green BET-0032 GRIME OFF Foaming Degreaser, Vegetable Based Cleaner Dissolves Oil and Grease 12 Oz. Spray

  • Nutek Green BET-0036 Simply Soy Grill Wipe

  • Nutek Green BET-0039 Green Carpet 8 Oz. Spray