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JS Steeleman makes automotive specialty and testing tools. Their Chassis Engine Ear kits are one of the nicest engine testing kits around. Steelman also offers an assortment of terminal tool kits and hand tools. Check out their lineup of specialty hand tools today, also make sure to see their diagnostic transmitters and tool kits that will make a great fit in any mechanics or do-it-yourselfers garage.

  • J S Products (steelman) 91927 SteelmanPro SmartEAR 1

  • Steelman 00028-S Tire Inner Liner Scraper

  • Steelman 00029 Tire Repair Stitcher

  • Steelman 05515 Replacement Bulb (Inspectors)

  • Steelman 05550 6 1/4" Gripper Pinch-Off Tool

  • Steelman 05554 10" Gripper Pinch-Off Tool, St

  • Steelman 05560 6 1/4" Gripper Pinch-Off Tool, Bent

  • Steelman 05564 10" Gripper Pinch-Off Tool, Bent

  • Steelman 06008 Tire Knife

  • Steelman 06400 Stethescope Electronic Tracer Ear Assembly Diagnostic Tool

  • Steelman 06600 ChassisEAR 6 Channel Stethoscope

  • Steelman 06608 Combo/Chassis Ear-Engine II

  • Steelman 06630-B Blue Lead w/Clamp

  • Steelman 06630-G Green Lead w/Clamp

  • Steelman 06630-P Pink Test Lead Wire

  • Steelman 06630-R Red Lead w/Clamp

  • Steelman 06630-W White Lead W/Clamp

  • Steelman 06630-Y Yellow Lead w/Clamp

  • Steelman 06635 Leads w/Clamps

  • Steelman 06800 Engine Ear II Stethoscope / Diagnostic Tester