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Terralux makes LED upgrade kits for Maglite flashlights. These LED upgrades will modernize and change your flashlight in a way that makes you think you have an entirely brand new light! Terralux also has their own lineup of very sharp pen lights, work lights and flashlights. They offer their lighting products in a wide variety of colors and lumen outputs. You will also be able to easily accessorize your Terralux flashlights.

  • Terralux TLA-H01-LBK LightStar Holster Leather-Black

  • Terralux TLA-H01-NBK LightStar Holster Nylon - Black

  • Terralux TLA-H04 InfiniStar Holster Basket Weave Leather - Black

  • Terralux TLE-110S MiniStar Upgrade for SL20X

  • Terralux TLE-110S-MM MiniStar Upgrade for SL20X

  • Terralux TLE-1F MiniStar 1 Upgrade for Standard Flashlight

  • Terralux TLE-310M-EX LED Upgrade for 4-6 C&D Cell

  • Terralux TLE-HP3 MiniStar Upgrade for Streamlight Stinger HP

  • Terralux TLE-ST1-EX LED Light Upgrade for Streamlight Stinger

  • Terralux TLE-US MiniStar Upgrade for Streamlight UltraStinger

  • Terralux TLE5EX Extreme Upgrade/Minimag White

  • Terralux TLE6EX Ministar 4,5, or 6 D Cell Maglites

  • Terralux TLE6EXB Ministar 5 2&3 D Cell Maglites

  • Terralux TLF-1C1AA Lightstar 100 Grey 100/50 LED

  • Terralux TLF-3002AA-BK LED 2AA Flashlight EX - Dual Mode, Grey

  • Terralux TLF-3002AA-OR LED 2AA Flashlight EX - 300/100 Lumens, Orange

  • Terralux TLF-3C2AA Lightstar 180 Black 180 LED Flashlight

  • Terralux TLF-3C2AAEX Aluminum LED Flashlight 2 AA

  • Terralux TLF-802AAA-BL LED 2AAA Penlight-80 Lumens High CRI LED, Blue

  • Terralux TLF-802AAA-BLK LED 2AAA Penlight - High CRI LED, Black