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Dynaplug DPP-AL-1243 Tubeless Tire Repair Tool Kit - New Pro Aluminum, Made in USA


Brand: Dynaplug

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Product Description

The Pro has more than everything you need to make a fast and effective puncture repair in a tubeless tire. Machined with precision from either billet 6061 aluminum or 303 stainless, the Dynaplug® Pro won’t let you down. Light weight, even fully loaded, the Pro models are extremely rugged while compact enough to stow just about anywhere. US Patents Pending

Easy-to-use, neat and clean. No need for “reamers,” messy glues or solvents. Just plug the tire and you’re ready to go.

Advantages of Dynaplug®
Easy Repair without removing the tire - Unlike other tubeless tire repair kits, Dynaplug® allows you to repair a puncture without removing the wheel/tire from the vehicle. This especially saves time and effort in an emergency situation.

Low Insertion Force - The shape and size of the penetrating tip allows for easy penetration of most punctures. It's even easier to insert a second plug (when needed) because the first plug lubricates the hole.

No Reaming of the Puncture Hole - Because of the low insertion force, it is not necessary to enlarge a puncture hole by reaming. This eliminates the need for a second tool and prevents further damage to the tire caused by reaming the hole to a larger diameter with abrasive tools used in other types of external repair. No Glue Required - After use, tubes of glue dry out in a short time and when you need it again it's not there. Because Dynaplug® retains its sealing ability indefinitely both during storage and in the tire, no glue is required.

Long Lasting Puncture Repair - Viscous rubber of the plug will flow slightly after the plug is in place. This fills small fissures or voids that radiate from the puncture hole into the casing and ensures a long lasting repair.

Cavity Handle for Storage - The cavity handle of Dynaplug® allows for convenient storage of plugs and accessories in a neat and clean way suitable for the glove box.

UTAC Certified - UTAC in Linas-Montlhery , France , tested the performance of a Dynaplug® repair plug inserted in a punctured tire of a car. A test tire was pierced by a 3 ½” 16D (penny) nail. The nail was extracted, and the puncture was repaired with a Dynaplug® repair plug. Conformity to technical specifications was received after performance testing in the Dynaplug® repaired tire at speeds up to 150km/h~over 90 mph! UTAC is a leading laboratory officially designated by the French Authorities for all vehicle and equipment tests under European Union directives, and authorized to conduct all tests specified by the regulations of the United Nations Economic Council of Europe.

Each Dynaplug® Pro Kit includes: 3 insertion tubes, 8 tubeless tire repair plugs, 1 clearing attachment, 1 air stopper, 1 pipe cleaner and polyethylene case..

Each Dynaplug® Ultralite Kit includes: 1 insertion tube, 4 tubeless tire repair plugs and 1 pipe cleaner

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