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Automotive Scan Tools, Scanners, and Diagnostics

JB Tool Sales offers hundreds of code readers and code scanners. These automotive scan tools are used to interpret diagnostics of a car when the “Check Engine Light” comes on. We carry brand name automotive scan tools and vehicle scanners at discount prices for professional and at home repair. Our automotive scan tools for cars will help you discover every ODBII code so you can get to work repairing the problem.

Stop ignoring the dreaded, “Check Engine Light” and get the right tools to fix your car today. All orders usually ship within 24 hours, free shipping for orders over $99 and all other orders ship for $7.99 or less within mainland USA.

All-in-one backlit display. This reliable scan tool displays 20+ pieces of vital diagnostic information. Links to all OBD2 scan tool protocols, including C.A.N. Full one-year warranty included....VIEW DETAILS
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Premium scan tool packed with features and benefits. An amazing vehicle scanner, connected to a database of over 26 million fixes for engine light alerts...VIEW DETAILS
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The MD808 Pro is an easy-to-use handheld Diagnostics & Service Tool with a 840x480 Color Display. The tool, which is compatible with all vehicles, 1996 and newer...VIEW DETAILS
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Android-based diagnostic vehicle scanner with complete OBDII connector kit, 8MP camera / 32GB solid state drive. Covers all makes/model cars after 1996...VIEW DETAILS
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What’s the Difference Between Scan Tools and Code Readers?

A code reader, the most basic of the two vehicle scanners, connects to the OBD II connection and displays the code that identifies what the problem with the car is. Once the code has been determined, the user can clear it for the next scan.

A scan tool is a more sophisticated device designed for professional mechanics who work in automotive repair shops. It allows the mechanic to test all kinds of vehicle diagnostics and more. It does not only help troubleshoot why the engine light is on. It also can diagnose issues concerning the ABS system, traction control and other supplemental systems of the car.

A History of Car Code Readers

Car code readers started to appear at automotive parts stores in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Back in the day, these devices were used to troubleshoot basic “on board diagnostic” issues. OEM-specific tools would connect to the cars OBD-1 port. In 1995, for the 1996 model year, automobile manufactures worldwide started using a universal standard that helped to create OBD-II ports, which has been featured in cars ever since.

The car code reader is designed to plug into the OBD system of a car, which is often found under the hood near the fuse box. In vehicles manufactured after 1996, the OBD-II port is commonly located under the dash near the steering column.

Once connected, the car code reader will read and clear codes, display basic parameter identifications and check and perhaps reset readiness monitors.

Car Code Reader Limitations

The limitation of the car code reader is that it cannot define the actual diagnostic problem, but only capture the diagnostic code that identifies the problem. Automotive scan tools offer a significant base of diagnostic information that the code reader can’t provide. If you use a car code reader, then once you have the code you can go online to interpret and then start repairs.

What Else Can Scan Tools Do?

Besides reading and clearing codes, an automotive scan tool does a host of other things depending on its sophistication. They can include:

  • Store and display live data
  • Provide graphs
  • Read generic and OEM-specific codes
  • Show pending codes
  • Offer trouble code definitions
  • Provide troubleshooting suggestions and techniques

This is What We Offer

JB Tool Sales offer a wide variety of various sophisticated car code readers and scan tools that will fit your budget. We also offer a plethora of vehicle scanner accessories and replacement parts from all the major brands including:

In fact, JB Tool Sales offers over 500 related scan tool products. No doubt, you will find what you need here.